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sel de noirmoutier

An extra touch of flavour The sea is full of salty treats, including coarse salt, fine salt and fleur de sel (all-natural, unprocessed sea salt), mixed with all sorts of spices, marsh samphire, a small plant growing in the marshes. As guardians of the salt marshes, the salt farmers will give you original recipe ideas to renew the art of seasoning.

The ocean on a serving dish A seafood platter ? In Western Loire, you will be spoilt for choice: oysters from Vendée with their typical colour, Bouchot mussels, raised on oak pikes in a century old tradition, prawns, clams… The ocean is not far, you can sense it in your plate!

The grass is greener here The "Bienvenue à la Ferme" network brings you closer to nature. Farm produce, snacks, camping, traditional meals, an informative approach, farm tours, everything is designed to make the most of your stay in the countryside.

The pleasures of good food If, as you wind your way through the countryside, you come across one of our "Auberges de Village" (Village inns), stop off there. A warm welcome, seasonal gourmet food and comfortable accommodations are generously provided !