Island of Yeu

Château de Ile d'Yeu

L'Ile d'Yeu is 17 kilometres from the coast and is a very pretty island to visit. It is more like a Brittany rocky coastline, with cliffs, creeks, and sandy coves, mimosas and holm oaks and is a treasure for nature lovers.

There are many pretty white cottages with blue shutters and multi-coloured boats at the capital Port Joinville. As it is only 23 sq metres it is easily visited by bike or by hiking. The boatride takes approx 45 mins and you can get a boat from St Gilles, Fromentine or Noirmoutier.

For history lovers there is an interesting 16th century castle, with its ruins dropping into the Atlantic ocean! a roman church at Saint Sauveur, and famous with the sea farers, the Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle chapel near the natural little port of La Meuse